Hello Dreamers, meet Doers

We're Glad You're Here

Imagine what it would be like to have a wedding that looks however you want it to. With no one telling you what your wedding is "supposed to" include, no over-rehearsed traditions that don't feel true to you. This is all about you and your partner (and loved ones, if you choose), celebrating in a way that feels authentic to you. We want you to have that, and we want to help you bring it to life.

As a couple who ditched our traditional wedding so we could do things our way instead, we've been in your shoes. Let's make this day all about you, and your love for one another.

You call the shots

Saying "I do" doesn't have to be about a list of traditions.

Your wedding, your rules.

We care most about making your day meaningful and intentional, and celebrating you as a couple.


We're here to make this your easiest decision ever. We combine planning, design & photography to create an all-inclusive elopement, vow-renewal or micro-wedding custom tailored to you. But it's more than just that. Whether you've got a distinct vision you need to execute, or have no idea where to start, we're here to help.

Need travel arrangements? Want help designing your invites, or your specialty drink menu? We've got it. Your day should be stress free, fun filled, and completely, totally loved up. Let's reclaim your wedding day and make it your greatest adventure yet.

Photo: Megan McCullor
Photo: Megan McCullor
Photo: Oxana Kellerman
If a big white wedding isn't for you

Elopement & Intimate Wedding Packages

Join your lives together, surrounded by nature, history, or whatever it is that excites you. We promise a magical, stripped down experience with photography at the heart. It's intimate, sustainable, and without the huge expenses of a traditional wedding, so you can focus on saying your vows to one another with presence and intention. 

Photo: Jonathan Yonkers
Photo: Oxana Kellerman
Photo: Minaret Photography
Photo: Megan McCullor